CreamCake Brownie Sundae


I always feel like it's a lucky day if there's a brownie sundae in front of me! I had the opportunity to fly to Montreal for this sweet girl. Sundae comes from excellent European lines including those from our friends at Ragissa. She's got a very pretty type that people just adore. Her strong body and big head win over the European and South American judges. She is a little less outgoing than some of the other girls in the "S" crew, but she's every bit as loving. She quietly follows me from place to place and is always sleeping near by. IN 2022, Sundae hopped out of show retirement on a whim and quickly became a
Double Grand Champion and the 18th best cat in North America with the LCWW. She's got a super fluff coat and showed us what a loving Mom she is in 2023.