FlashyDolls ShinyPenny


Penny is an Oklahoma kid. Raised with all of the love and the very best playtime by Ken and Ebah of FlashyDolls. Penny is extra special for several reasons. She represents diligence in forming relationships and seeking out what you want. She has the quintessential Ragdoll personality, and she is a seal tortie who conforms to CFA standards. I've seen a lot of tortie Ragdolls - many of whom don't have the shape, the size, or the coat. They tend to have the spectacular tortie colors but they are missing the things we look for in Ragdolls. Penny is all of it. She is all that AND a bag of chips. Penny was sought out specifically to make my son happy and he couldn't be happier. She hit all of her marks and I'm quite certain she will continue to do so. Penny earned her Championship title in both CFA and TICA during the Summer of 2021 and has now retired from showing. She says she'd rather spend her days playing and sleeping belly up in the middle of the room. Penny was named the International Best ragdoll of her color in 2022.