OG cat lady since 1972, everyone who enters my home knows who is in charge. I began dressing cats in clothing in 1977, encouraged by my Mother who has always loved cats.  I've done stints with guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice, but cats are always my one true love.  Growing up in the Central Valley of California, I always knew I'd be a veterinarian.  I studied the AKC book, I memorized The Well Cat Book.  I knew every breed, their standards, and their temperaments.  I bottle fed the kittens found in woodpiles, and orchards, and under the hoods of cars.  Kittens came to me, all of the best ones.  I carried my best friend Ziggy with me when I left for Sonoma County.  I didn't become a veterinarian but that didn't stop me from having a life filled with animals.  

Fritz came to me, not long after Ziggy left.  Fritz was a street cat escaping an abusive situation.  He was a talkative lynx pointed cat who loved kittens.  Fritz helped me raise countless litters of strays.  He taught Humphrey who had been my grandmother's cat.  They taught Sparrow.  Sparrow taught Flirt.  Firtz's legacy is strong and beautiful.  It warms the hearts of all who know and has saved the lives of hundreds of kittens.  

My son and I often receive the sickest kittens, the ones who may not make it through the night.  And I'll be truthful and tell you that they don't all make it.  We once pulled a litter through panleukopenia only to have to euthanize half of the survivors because of brain damage caused by the high fever.  A couple of years ago we took in a pregnant dog.  She birthed 13 puppies a few days later.  Several had to be revived on the spot.  Two were stillborn without hope.  Two died in the coming weeks.  These things are hard.  They have huge ups and downs and none of it is for the faint of heart.  But for me, adopting out those remaining puppies....knowing that they were going to have amazing lives...that made it all worthwhile.  

I am a lot of things, have been so many things, but always, I am a cat lady.  And proud of it.