The Show must go on


FINALLY we were able to register for shows at the beginning of the Summer!  This pandemic stuff has put a real damper on my dreams of showing cats.  We jumped in and registered for the first two shows within driving distance.  First a TICA show in Reno, Nevada, then a TICA show in Pasadena, California. Thank goodness for Anne Paul and Stormi Nell who are willing to answer so so many dumb newbie questions.  They sent me their lists and links to their favorite items.  Even figuring out how to properly register for the shows is a little tricky and I found myself sending apologetic emails to the show entry clerks as they too held my hand through the process.  

Mom and I got to meet at a fabric store to choose pretty fabrics to adorn our benching area.  There weren't any spectators at our first three shows but we wanted everything to look cute anyway.  Mom parked her booty in front of the sewing machine, and I clicked buy it now, buy it now, buy it now.  Travel containers, beds, portable litter, food, and water.  Things for hotel life, one playpen for WindFall, one for the ladies.  Cages for benching, fans, beds, toys,  grooming.  GROOMING!  goodness gracious, the grooming!  With lots of products ordered, lots of questions asked, and a little bit of practice, we've finally got a great grooming practice down.  Degrease twice (that darn studtail is a beast!), clarifying shampoo....twice, whitening shampoo, fluff spray......dunk and rinse, dunk and rinse, dunk and rinse.  Did I mention, dunk and rinse?  Take embarrassing photos of soggy cats waiting in the hot boxed living room for the dreaded comb out and blow dry.  Dear lord....NOT THE BLOWDRYER!. Folks, this stuff isn't easy.  But it's a little funny.  And it's deeply satisfying.  After using grooming products that cost more than anything I'd buy for my own hair, the Ragdolls are freaking stunning.  They feel amazing and it's hard to keep my greasy paws out of their fur.  But keep them out I must, because after grooming they still have a long car ride and a night in a hotel before the judges lay eyes on them and they must stay perfectly fluffed.  Frankly, they're happy to spend some time not being touched as they recover from the sheer total end of the world trauma of being washed and blow dried.  It's not really that bad, but they do all hold a grudge for a day or so.  

Driving long distances is funny.  Each cat has his or her own roomy carrier with a nice fluffy bed.  Rummy has to ride in the middle of the backseat so she can see, otherwise she cries the whole time.....the whhhhoooollle time.  Windy likes to be in back and Penny likes to ride shotgun.  Then we cram all of the other stuff in the back of the car and squeeze the door shut.  During a heat wave in the California Summer, there's no stopping to get out to buy a snack or use a restroom.  The poor fluffers would melt without the AC blowing full blast.  So....we soldier forth.  Each drive has been a bit of an adventure, as has each hotel.  The fancy hotels don't want their rooms filled with cats so we get to stay in the not-so-fancy-hotels.  Poor Mom.  The cats don't care one tiny bit and they make themselves at home right away.  

The showroom floors....well, that's another story.