Razzle Dazzle me (or what to consider when buying a ragdoll)


The internet served up a little feast last night. It wasn’t so much of a belly full as it was a mouth full. The algorithm thought I might enjoy some ragdoll content from other cat breeders. Now, I do love a little kitty cat eye candy,
but I don’t love half truths plumped and inflated by adjectives and adverbs. I know we all have pages and pages of webiness to fill in order to make our presence known but I’d rather see a mostly empty page than one bursting with lip filler.  I saw some things last night that bordered on snake oil. i literally went to bed hearing Billy Flynn the flimflam man singing “razzle dazzle me” while I had visions of children playing 76 trombones, imaginary of course. When you’re doing your research, choosing who to follow on social media (remember your vote, even on insta, has power), who to learn from, and especially who to purchase from, please tap into your childlike wonder. Do kittens need a socialization schedule? Could a ragdoll really be hypoallergenic? What exactly does it mean to conduct rigorous genetic testing? Is it actually possible to leave no room for any potential health issues? If the breeder claims they show (if it’s important to you (hint: it should be)) do you see proof of it? Do you see evidence that their cats do well in shows? Or do they say a lot of words that just seem like the cats do well? Ultimately, does it matter if the cats are doing well at shows? Meh, maybe not. But if your breeder is trying to sell you a story that isn’t true….well you know the idiom about icebergs, right?  Always remember that this is a family member you’re searching for, not some weight loss product with an ad exec writing its copy. Don’t buy the hubris, find the authentic. Find the breeder that jives with you, the one that makes you feel safe and not sold, find the breeder who is showing not selling. Do your research. Seek to understand what the words mean that your breeder writes or speaks. Don’t be bamboozled. Finding just the right kitten isn’t always easy, arm yourself with knowledge. please and thank you