Now We're Cooking!


Last week, my Mom sent me a text saying that she loved a specific cat and that I should call his breeder and become her friend. I was like, "uhhhmm, it doesn't really work that way. I'm sure she's too busy and also she's too important to have time for me.". Well, Mom was right. That's right, you heard it here folks, Denise was Right!

A few days ago, I saw someone post on FB that they were looking for a red point male. Someone responded saying that she had one she hadn't announced yet. Now, most breeders have their kittens reserved before they're even born yet, so finding a great one who is ready for adoption is a LuckyDay indeed. I sent a text thinking that surely someone else had seen that post and already scooped him up in that 24 hours. She sent me a link to her webpage.....this was the woman my Mom told me to be friends with!! No Joke. She told me that someone was coming to look at him and another kitten the next day. I told her ever so briefly how green I was and I crossed my fingers. Cats with her pedigrees don't often go to newbies like me and surely the person coming to meet him would shove him into her purse and scamper home immediately. Later that day, the breeder, "A", sent me her phone number. Today, we spent several hours getting to know each other, I laughed and laughed at her sarcastic sense of humor and quick wit, I asked questions and she answered without flinching. She told me so much more about the history of the breed than I could ever have gleaned from the internet, she gave me tiny tips, and solid suggestions. There was no judgement in her tone, just confidence and camaraderie. She helped me reroute my plan and helped me choose the right kitten. I passed on a kitten who could win the ribbon for just showing up, and reached instead for a Red Point. She told me that I would be crazy to walk into a show with him. I asked, "crazy? or dumb?". Crazy. Crazy like when she won top honors with a tortie. Crazy like when she won top honors with a lynx point. Crazy like her. I'll take it. Hopping on a plane in a few days to fetch our first RagDoll. Talk about a LuckyDay!