Luckier and Luckier


The holidays are busy around here and we've been remiss in our blogging.  While you haven't been looking, we've identified our entire foundation breeding group.  WindFall is settling in beautifully.  He KNOWS he's destined to be king.  He has an impeccable sense of smell which he utilizes daily.  He falls short on respecting personal boundaries as he shoves his amazingly regal sniffer right up into everyone else's business.  He helps me with all tasks, even blowdrying my hair vacuuming the floors.  He has a particular love for the job of vacuuming the staircase.  He sits on each newly suctioned step and supervises as I clean the next one.  Hop, hop, hop.  This little oddball loves it.  He lounges, he eats, he plays ever so gently with his new girl.  New girl?  That's right, NEW GIRL!

Just before Christmas, we welcomed the most gorgeous little blue mitted lady from Pawel at Maszkotka Ragdolls in Poland.  Importing a kitten seemed insane but she was worth every hoop and every dollar.  She was bred beautifully, and lovingly handed off to Kasia, the sweetest pet nanny of all the nannies, for her nearly 26 hour travel day to the US.  She arrived at SFO purring and ready to explore.  She is such a little purrfest!  We had hoped to name her LadyLuck as the matriarch of the LuckyDay "brand", but we learned quickly that once a kitten has a passport, her name is what her name is.  In this case:  Bacardi.  My slightly underage man/child thinks this is funny.  Really funny.  I just can't bring myself to call her Bacardi doesn't roll off the seems to amend itself to "CardiB" which isn't at all what I want.  So, we took a Social Media poll and gathered some suggestions.  We called her by each one a few times, calling it from downstairs, whispering it sweetly, barking it as if she was climbing the curtains.  I think we've settled on Rummy.  It plays nicely with how much she likes to show her tummy.  Little miss Rummy LOVES to have her tummy rubbed and kissied.  She's a puffalump of epic chub with the world's sweetest Disney face.  Where Windy is regal, she is darling.  She finds herself a little overwhelmed with the sometimes hectic pace of our household so she has a few tucked away places where she spends most of the day.  She loves to sleep on top of my son's huge Tegu cage, just above the heat lamp because she's a smartie.  She loves to sleep on the dining room table just underneath a giant fig leafed ficus leaf, where the sun can see her but the dogs don't.  She loves to sleep upstairs on my bed just beyond the overstuffed faux fur pillow.  Windy loves to follow her around, and with the exception of his nose in her hiney, he gives her lots of space and is very sweet with her.  It's as if he understands that she's shy and he wants to win her over.  I swear he knows that she is meant to be his queen.  

We have another new arrival this weekend and one more about a week after that.  And then we'll be complete.  I had hoped for one more female and had been watching a baby thing that we were very excited about.  But all of a sudden the world felt a little uncertain, jobs were being lost again, businesses closing down, congressional support seemed to be waining, and well, it just didn't seem prudent.  I'm sure I will live to regret it when I see that gorgeous girl at a show but I have to trust my gut in all things so I will live with the regret if it comes.  In the meantime, we're excited to see the babies grow and cannot wait to meet our final two ladies.  I don't know about Rummy, but I know Windy thinks everyday is his LuckyDay.