It's time!


Since our last blog, we've collected our "ragdoll starter kit" from all the corners of the Ragdoll world.  WindFall from Louisiana, Rummy from Poland, CeCe from Poland, and Penny from Oklahoma.  They spend their days playing, lounging, sleeping, eating, and playing some more.  Rummy can be found on the pink cactus print chair upstairs or perched at the top of the catio, chatting with passersby.  Penny is always underfoot, being sassy and sweet, grooming CeCe or wrestling with Windy.  CeCe is like a little fish and flops herself into corners and against chair legs.  She had her third great big, flirty, heat so we gave Windy the seal of approval.  Babies should arrive in late October.  Windy has grown so big and is just stunning.  He takes his job of guardian very seriously and always knows exactly where his girls are.  Midday, he slacks, and can be found asleep on my bed, belly up, often clutching his favorite rainbow trout toy.  He definitely sees himself as the king of the castle but always knows that Flirt is truly the top cat.  

We had some struggles with giardi and t. foetus, with the whole crew suffering through more antibiotics than makes me happy.  After raising what feels like a million sick rescue kittens, I thought I had seen it all.  Then I met t. foetus.  Geeze louise!  Samples had to be sent all the way to North Carolina for confirmation and meds had to be ordered from a compounding pharmacy in a neighboring state.  We hadn't quarantined as tightly as we should have because we had our eyes set on socialization of these poor pandemic kittens.  Ultimately, we got the problem solved, thank goodness.  

So, we're cooties free to the tune of several hundreds of dollars, everyone has had their various vet checks, their DNA tests, and their pedigrees registered with both TICA and CFA, and we're off.  The Ragdoll starter kit has started!