Ethical breeders or how not to get scammed 


I spent an hour writing this post this
morning as the sun was rising. And then I accidentally deleted it. It’s probably for the best, it was quite a tanget. Here’s the gist:
I have noticed so many lies and rampant deceit among ragdoll breeders lately and it's so disheartening. Adopters aren't just being scammed by people with no kittens, they're being scammed by people with kittens. Lies about how many vaccines they'll have. Lies about showing and show titles. Lies about knowing at five weeks if a cat is "show quality". Yeah, right! Sick kittens. Kittens with risky things on their DNA reports.  So many lies, most of them not terribly creative. All fashioned to get the maximum number of dollars from you. 
Honestly, when breeders are charging $1000 for their kittens, you don’t really expect quality or health. You might not care about the lies because the price is right. I hope you’re not that person. I hope you don’t choose to support breders who aren’t striving for quality and health. Let’s just pretend those breeders don’t even exist because none of us are giving them our money, okay?

It’s the breeders who are charging a premium price for their lies that really make me seethe.  Are they really showing their cats? Are they being judged by professional judges? Are they winning titles or just not being disqualified?  Are they meeting their peers and being held accountable for their breeding?  Do they have outside work which pays the mortgage or are they trying to support a household on the reproductive systems of their cats?  Y’all, there are breeders out there with their pants on fire. Ask questions. Request proof. Get opinions from people other than the person trying to earn your money.   
Ask yourself, does this seem too good to be true? Am I overlooking important details? Be honest with yourself when you spot the lie…..where there is one lie, there will be many.