DGCH MyLuckyDay SuddenStorm 

TICA Double Grand Champion Stormy is a seal tortie bicolor girl born right here at MyLuckyDay.  Her parents are champions, MagicGarden Carmen and CajunDolls WindFall.  She is an hilarious kitten.  She's sneaky and smart, agile and bouncy.  Stormy loves to explore and loves to nap.  She's the first in the house to realize that I'm awake each morning and plants herself on my chest, licking my nose, and requesting pets.  She follows like a dog and comes when called.  We thought she might be too squirrelly to show but so far she's loving the attention.  Not to mention the hotel room to explore.  I have always had this funny feeling about her being not an ugly duckling but in fact a swan.  As she grows, she's proving me right  We are excited to see how she does in the Summer of 2022 as she enters adult class.